2015 REPORT Energy Report for Uganda - A 100% Renewable Future by 2050 (2.9 MB)

2011 REPORT Energy Scenario for Sweden 2050 Based on Renewable Energy Technologies and Sources (1,3 MB)

2008 THESIS (no articles) Solar energy for a brighter life.pdf (2 MB)

2008 THESIS Solar energy for a brighter life_press_quality.pdf (7.6 MB)

2008 THESIS Solar energy for a brighter (6.9 MB)

2007 ENERGY POLICY Educational benefits from solar home systems.pdf

2007 RENEWABLE ENERGY With time comes increased loads.pdf

2005 SOLAR ENERGY Lead-acid battery capacity in solar home systems.pdf

2004 JoEiSA (low res) Impact of Solar electric services on lifestyles.pdf

2004 RENEWABLE ENERGY The impact of solar home systems, experiences from Nyimba.pdf

2004 JTI RKA 30 Stommens biogas anläggning.pdf

2000 THESIS (licentiate) Solution in Search of Its Problem - A Study of Small-Scale Rural Technlogy Introducton and Integration

1995 BSc THESIS Biogas and Development - a case study among tribal communities in Orissa India (about 4 MB)