Welcome to Mtonga.se

Here you will find results from research on small scale energy solutions to support human development in Africa and India. I believe that technology can bring and support develeopment processes, but I am quite sure there is no such thing as a technical fix to the challenges of human development. At the same time transfer of technology, support to diffusion of innovations and technology introduction projects are important and will make an impact on peoples' lives and livelihoods.

My training is as a human ecologist, where I have had a special interest in the intercations between technology and people and society. Obviously this interest incorporates issues both from social science, as well as engineering and natural science.

My PhD thesis focused how small solar photovoltaic systems could facilitate and support a change in people lives in Zambia. I have outlined some of my points of departure in the Research section, and some of the results are found in the Documents section. Please be in contact if you have comments or suggestions in respect to the infromation found on this homepage.


News 151212: Finalised Uganda energy report - turned out to be a very interesting study.